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Maddelyn | Newborn Portrait Session

 Newborn photography, baby milestones, newborn yawn, black and white photo

Oh man! We were so blessed to be able to do a NEWBORN session for some sweet new parents in our church. We had planned on doing a maternity session with them, but time ran away from all of us, and before anyone knew it, little miss Maddelyn was already here! So when Jessica asked if we could do newborn photos instead, we were a little nervous (at least I was, because we had never done any newborn photos before), but also SO excited. I really enjoyed it though. It was relaxed and fun! Mark and I are so laid back, and I feel like that is definitely a plus when it comes to newborn photography. We enjoyed getting to know her parents better, too, because making friends is hard, guys!

And so, without further ado, here is Maddelyn!

 newborn, baby, girl, pink, bows, flowers, unicorn, baby shoes, new life

 newborn photography, baby girl, days old, pink blanket, bows, unicorn, flowers

 newborn, baby, girl, pink, bows, flowers, grey, photography

Isn’t she precious? She already knows she’s number one in the house!!

 newborn, baby, girl, pink, bows, flowers, grey, photography

She’s a December baby, and I have a particular bias to sweet December babies (basically my, Kat’s, entire family was born in December, with the exception of my momma)!! She’s also an Iowa State football fan, whether she likes it or not! Looks like she has to think about it…

I just love how they are holding her like she is SO precious (because she is), and looking at her- just like they’re still so surprised that she’s THEIR DAUGHTER. Parenthood looks good on them.

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