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Abby & Josh | Woodsy Winter Engagement

 Winter engagement session, red, Christmas!

A downtown Fredericksburg engagement session.

Hey friends! Katherine again.

Abby is the older sister of my dear best friend (who’s been my best friend for 21 years! friendiversaries are the best, and we totally need to celebrate them, Hannah), and I believe I met Josh on the same sort of volunteer event I met Mark on- Impact! But you guys are not here to learn how WE met Abby & Josh- you are here for the love stories, and I definitely get that.

Abby and Josh met in Sunday school and became good friends well before they started dating! The more they hung out, the more they found they enjoyed the same things and began to bond over them. Then one day after church, Josh decided to take a leap and ask Abby if she wanted to date. She thought, “Well… why not?” 

And you know she’s so glad she said YES!

Their proposal story brings a big smile to my face! They planned it together, you see, which is not something a lot of couples do, even nowadays! Abby’s dad, Daniel, had joked a few months previous that if Josh wanted Abby’s hand in marriage, he would owe three camels, two goats, and a pig to the family as a dowry.

So on the night of the proposal, Abby and Josh took their parents out to dinner to celebrate birthdays, and during the gift exchange, Daniel got a present- with three stuffed camels, two stuffed goats, and one stuffed pig. He understood immediately, gave his blessing, and then Abby and Josh proceeded to mutually propose! 

They both have engagement rings; a sapphire one for Abby, and a ruby one for Josh. I love the uniqueness of them, and the idea of them both having rings.

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