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Abby & Josh | A Sentimental Winter Wedding

 Winter wedding, wedding dress with cape, morning wedding, blue, sapphire

An Elegant Winter Wedding | Oak Grove, Virginia

It’s a cold Virginia morning, January 20, 2018. The sanctuary at Oak Grove Baptist Church is dressed in tulle, filled with the murmurs of family and loved ones. But everyone falls silent as Abby and her father round the corner and appear at the end of the isle. Sapphire colored bridesmaids and sharply dressed groomsmen stand at the front of the room, but Josh is all Abby sees. He’s holding back tears, but by the time Abby and her dad make it to him, a few have escaped. The pastor prompts everyone to close their eyes and pray- pray for this new marriage that is just beginning.

The love that Abby and Josh have for each other is SO evident. It’s there in the way they talk to each other, in the way that they look at each other, in how they treat each other, and even in the way other people talk about them. I think it’s safe to say that they are already nailing the whole aspect of their marriage being a beautiful example of Christ’s love. They are a wonderful team, and the best man said it best: these two are matched in their weirdness, and it couldn’t be better (Mark and I are matched in our weirdness as well). They enjoy the same things, they challenge each other, they look out for each other, and they life each other up. I remember a time, probably many years ago now, that Abby was talking to me about how she was unsure if she would ever get married. I bet God was chuckling at her a little then, because Josh is clearly who she was meant to be with during this crazy adventure called life.

They wrote and read their own vows to each other, which made the ceremony uniquely theirs. Josh’s vows were so poetic and heartfelt, I’m pretty sure everyone was sniffling by the end of them. Abby was even a little lost for words when she started her vows- just because of how ardent and sincere Josh was. At the end of the ceremony, they washed each other’s feet. If you’re a Christian, like us, you will know that this is an exquisite reminder of sacrificial love. On the night that Jesus was to be crucified, he washed all of his disciples feet. Back in those days, everyone either wore no shoes or sandals, and they walked everywhere, so you can imagine…

Abby and Josh, thank you for giving us the honor of capturing the start of your beautiful marriage. Your joy is contagious, and we are so blessed to be a part of it in this season in your life.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the memories. It truly was a beautiful God given wedding for these two lovely people. May their days be full of joy and wonder as they travel down the road of life together.

  2. Victoria Cordes says:

    Viewing the captured photos is like watching the wedding all over again. Thank you for capturing the memories that will be with Joshua and Abby for years to come. Going through this blog has me feeling all the LOVE that was shared with the newly weds as they began their Union together. The ceremony and the day could not have been anymore perfect.

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