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Photography 101 | 5 Tips for Getting Great Travel Photos


We all love a good getaway, but some of us are better at documenting them than others! Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, looking at someone else’s feed of gorgeous travel photos, and wondering how you could be taking some of those to share for yourself? Or maybe you’ve been to some beautiful and photo-worthy locations, but you have nothing to show for it! Well, that’s where this little guide comes in.

What’s inside?

1. Section one covers the gear we always take. You don’t need a super nice camera to get beautiful photos, especially not with the way phone cameras are these days!

2. The next section covers general composition tips. These are great for all kinds of photography, not just travel photography!

3. Section three talks about our tips to actually getting pictures of YOURSELVES while on vacation! Ever notice how you hardly ever get any shots of you or your travel buddies?

4. We talk about editing on the go in this section. You can use your phone for great edits!

5. This section covers photographing the people you see while on vacation. My favorite travel photos have people in them.

We also have a few bonus tips thrown in! Grab your guide below and start getting photos that you will be excited to share!

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