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Morgan & Mason | Engagement at First Landing State Park

Morgan and Mason – Mason and Morgan? Nahh. It’s weird how couples’ names have a certain ring to them, and gender is never the deciding factor. Kyle and Kevin? Nope, Kevin and Kyle. Katherine and Mark? Stop it. Mark and Katherine Johnson. Enter — Morgan and Mason. These two can’t be introduced without their two puppers,(read: doggies, doggoes, puppies, or, for the boring, dogs.) Jasmine and Daisy. Jasmine is the German Shepherd and Daisy is the Great Dane.

Quite the active duo, I must say. They were surprisingly well-behaved throughout the photo-shoot, moreso than any singular dog I can remember, making it doubly surprising. Doubly because there were two of them, obviously. That’s probably an exponential graph instead of linear, but, whatever.

It’s always a wonderful experience to meet and work with such a laid back couple. The most surprising part about them both is how relaxed and natural they can be in person, when you know they’re extremely driven and hard-working, often pushing themselves to their limit. Like, how do you do that and still seem so chill about everything? Kudos to you, cause ya’ll are killin’ it.

Katherine had managed correspondence with them, with my input as necessary. We first met at a cold-pressed coffee joint, (not my cup of tea…er, coffee.) and it was obvious we had good vibes. Queue the photo-session to follow.

First Landing State Park is almost as natural and beautiful as the couple that graced its soil that day. Kat and I are pretty awesome, but, give respect where it is due!
Morgan and Mason are absolutely adorable, and so, so easy to photograph. You would think dogs would complicate things, but they didn’t. As if I was running out of compliments, it’s important to note that Katherine is an animal lover who converted me into the same mentality. It now bothers us to see people not taking proper care of their animals. Such a worry is nonexistent with these two absolute angels (Morgan is also a vet tech, and studying biology).

We took a long time with this photo session, and not because of the doggos. It was fun! Period. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I can hardly call hanging out with these two “work.” There was a lot of time for enjoyment and zero pressure for “pictures.” I found a tiny toad and asked Kat to take a picture when I picked him up for relocation, as he was in the absolute center of pedestrian traffic.

Our session started in the swampy, forested walkways of the state park and ended on a beach, at sunset, no less! Quite the delight. I hate the beach, but it doesn’t bother me when I’m working. I can focus on the task at hand, which distracts me from the coarse sand that gets everywhere and causes me to turn to the dark side. I would never go to the beach for recreation. My wife drags me there from time to time, though not excessively. Still, I envy people like Morgan and Mason, who genuinely enjoy that environment which I will never appreciate. Oh well, we’re all made differently. Some people love the beach, and that is their prerogative. For example:

They look oh so loving. Then you break out the powder paint, and shit gets real…
I mean, it was like middle school dodge ball and you see your bully on the other side. These two are ruthless! Straight face shots!

It started really calm and calculated and ended in self-preservation. I got the feeling that somebody, during all this madness, went,” Oh, for real?”
Savage. All is well, however. These two obviously love each other, so much so that they’re getting married in a mere two days, and, we have the honor and privilege to photograph that event. We mean this from the heart. It is an honor to do what we love and sustain our lives with it, but it is a privilege to work with clients that we love. That is a privilege for which we are continually thankful. We have no “bridezilla” stories. No horror stories, period! God has been gracious to us, leading us to the most wonderful couples we could have had.

We look forward to their wedding with excitement and giddiness, anxious to capture the moments we know they want as we’ve gotten to know them. Let the countdown to, “I do.” begin, Morgan and Mason!!

  1. Erin says:

    I guess I’m going to have to find a couple who wants to have a powder paint war….

    These are lovely! But I wonder, what is it about the beach that you don’t like? Now I’m sooo curious!

    • Katherine Johnson says:

      He honestly does hate the sand. That, and being out in the blaring sun with “nothing to do,” in his words! I (Katherine) LOVE the beach!

  2. Kristin says:

    What a fun session!! Love the ones with the color on them!!

  3. Michaila says:

    These photos were so fun to look at! Amazing job 🙂

  4. Maria Keegan says:

    love her dress and I love how the session ended! so fun!!

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