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Carlos & Juliana | Portraits

 Coral and blue beloved portrait session.

These two are adorable. I met Juju when I was 12. She was the cutest little kindergartener, complete with an eyepatch, smart as all get out. 

 luxurious East Beach beloved portrait session. lifestyle photography in Norfolk Virginia

Carlos is a talented guitarist/vocalist and a man whose diligence continues to impress me to this day. I had the pleasure of playing worship music with him for a few years. 

I said, “Something with these flowers over here, for sure.” Katherine found the perfect flowers… .. …”I need you to take this shot.”    – – Teamwork

 Rainy Day Portrait session, full of giggles

I also played music with Juliana; she’s a lovely singer. Maybe one day they’ll be like The Civil Wars. Carlos actually recorded a CD for Juliana one Christmas (they are that level of adorable).

 The notebook style kiss. Beloved portrait lifestyle session

Some other things they have in common:

Natural Good Looks
Healthy Sense of Humor
Easy-going Spirit

I need to stop before I make people puke.

I promised I wouldn’t put these two on blast, so I’ll stop gushing about how happy I am for them meeting and being a thing. 

-M (with a healthy dose of K’s input this time. Hehe)

 Coral and blue beloved lifestyle beach portrait session

 coral and blue beach beloved lifestyle session in Norfolk, Virginia

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