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What’s Going On? Summer ’17 | Personal

Today, I’m giving a solid update on all the things Katherine and I are doing and have done.
It’s the perfect week for a no picture blog, thanks to this little thing call Vacation Bible School.
It’s my fifth or sixth year doing this, and I have a great time every year, though I sometimes miss being the Recreation Leader. They put me in a class teaching Kindergarteners! Oh, well, Kat and I do a great job at that, and I guess it’s pretty important to showcase to little kids a marriage that’s working out strong. Someone is at my back door….It’s a cat. VBS is a looooooong week, though. So we’re tired. It’s like a year of AWANAS packed into one week.

Other than running around crazily making sure all our ducks are in a row, we took the chance to watch some Netflix. Kat found this original series called Castlevania, based on the very famous (she had never heard of it =(((( ) video games. It’s totally badass. Highly recommended for you animation lovers. The four episodes they released whet my appetite, for sure. We’re both excited for more.

Pretty soon here, we’re gonna have a housewarming party. Finally. We’re not the partying type, but I guess we can make it happen. That just means I have some extra work to do. Gotta get that fire-pit finished. Long term dreams for house renovations are limited to a screened-in patio. We have a car port on the side, which makes for a nice sitting area, but the flies and mosquitos are seriously on a whole ‘nother level. That’s easily priority #2.

We’re loving our little home and the freedom it represents.

The band I’m in is putting together some tour dates, local and national, so there’s a few road trips on the horizon. That’s gonna be exciting! Having just recently played in Ohio, I’m ready to do some more.

Finally, we have a wedding to go to Aug 12! This one’s different, cause we’re doubling as photographers and wedding party members. It’s definitely gonna be a blast, and THANK GOD for two photographers! It’s awesome to have that comfort, professionally, of knowing, “I don’t need to leave this situation in order to get my gear ready and take a picture.” Hard to do sometimes as the best man. Luckily, Kat will be there, as always, to have my back.

We’re really excited for the things going on so far in 2017, even though it seems like society is imploding. I just realized this post reads like a yearly newsletter you get from a family you used to know that moved away. Anybody remember those? “Samantha just graduated in the fall and is looking forward to…” Nobody does that anymore. Except the Skinners. And I guess me.

Middle Age came fast, ya’ll.

God Bless,

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