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Grace & Jack | Just Because

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Hello all! Katherine here! Long time since we blogged, so be prepared for quite a few today. Heheheh.

I had so much fun photographing Grace and Jack last summer! We met down at the end of the beach, close to Ft. Story, and frolicked around. Jack brought his guitar, Grace changed in a pop-up changing tent, they had some beers, and jumped in the water by the end of it! They are such a laid back couple and so quick to laugh. I loved their infections smiles and laughter and how quickly they could flip between playful and sizzlingly romantic. “Just for fun” sessions are so good and I hope Mark and I can do more soon.

PS: I can’t believe this was over a year ago by now, but here I am blogging it! We bought Blogstomp (anything to encourage us to blog more, seriously), and it’s actually a game changer!! I was having so many issues formatting our images for WordPress, and stomping them made everything a million times smoother. SO ENJOY THE FIRST FRESHLY STOMPED IMAGES.

doughnut, naked donut, sugar shack, bohemian donut ring floral bouquet, beach, sunset, couple smiling

guitar, flower crown, romance

playing frolicking water portraits  


  1. Kayla says:

    LOVE these stomped images girl! Seriously, those water shots are PERFECTION!

  2. Ashley K says:

    About dang time you blogged this!! Haha! Absolutely gorgeous! 😍

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