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5 Stunning Estate Wedding Venues in Virginia

Estate Wedding Venues in Virginia

Let me start by saying this is just my list of personal favorites. If Mark and I were to get married again, I would definitely be picking one of these (most likely Great Marsh Estate). However, as a wedding photographer, any weddings at these locations are ideal. To keep it short and sweet, let me dive right in! Here are the top 5 estate wedding venues local to Virginia.

1. Great Marsh Estate

Great Marsh is a gorgeous Georgian mansion in Bealton, Virginia. To make things better, its a reconstruction, built in 1980, so there’s no unsavory history to mar your feelings toward hosting your wedding at this venue. The Manor House has a beautiful sun-soaked getting-ready area, the terrace overlooking the lawn makes for the most gorgeous ceremony site, and there is a large reception hall on the property if you want to have a weather safe option for your party.

2. The Estate at River Run

This stunning Georgian revival was also built in the 80s, overlooking the James River. It definitely has a lot to offer as a wedding venue for your Virginia soiree. There is an opulent bridal suite, plenty of options for your ceremony site, and several ballrooms to choose from for your reception. You could even host your cocktail hour poolside. The property is beautiful year-round, so no matter what season you choose, it will be the perfect backdrop for your day.

3. The Tudor Place

The Tudor Place is actually a museum inside Washington DC. Despite being in the middle of a metropolis, it sits on five and half acres, so it is extremely private. It is a historical site, dating back from 1805, so bear in mind that it has some scars. Despite these, it seeks to educate and and still makes for a gorgeous estate wedding venue. It can only host up to 70 guests, however, so it is better for more intimate weddings.

4. Goodstone Inn

Goodstone Inn sits in Middleburg, Virginia, and is probably my second favorite wedding venue on this list. The rolling hills that surround the property, the resident llama, and the ability to host you and your wedding party for overnight accommodations makes this venue ideal. I’ve seen large and small gatherings hosted here, and each one has it’s own magic to it.

5. Virginia House

This estate venue is located in central Virginia, in the heart of Richmond. It is also a museum and hosts several exhibitions a year. I think the most interesting part of this venue is that it was once a manor house located in England. It was deconstructed meticulously and reconstructed in Richmond in the 1920s. The House and the Gardens are beautiful year-round, but I am partial to them in the spring.


That’s it for my top five estate wedding venues in Virginia! If you are looking to host your wedding at one of these venues and are in need of a wedding photographer or help selecting a planner, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Au revoir!

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