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Sometimes I have to go on travel for my other job. I always dislike it, because I really prefer being at home with my husband- crazy right? All of you men and women who deal with deployments? You all are very strong. 

Mark also dislikes it. Not only because I’m gone (I’m thankful he misses me and I miss him), but also because he has to deal with all of the things in the house. It’s not that much when two people split up the tasks of a two-person household, but it can be overwhelming for one. We’re also working on so much for our business, but since we only have one computer right now, I kind of have to pause what I’m doing for it while I’m gone… so to encompass all of that, Mark wrote a little poem, and it makes me wish I could pack one of our cats up to go on travel with me next time, because that would certainly make it easier. And on my flight out earlier this week, there was definitely a man flying with a cat in his carry-on. I highly doubt Max or Sam would enjoy that. In fact I KNOW Max would probably pee inside of the bag in protest, because he’s such a free spirit and can’t be caged. Literally. He turned into a demon the one time I had to transport him in a carrier for over five minutes. Anyway here is his poem.  


Life is really stressful. All the things we want and love, they take time. 

Not only do they take time, but we want to give them our time! It’s only a fair investment, but

it can be overwhelming! There’s a lot to keep up with in our house-hold.

Whether it’s spoiled pets or boiling pots, you need your hands on something!

At least until bed.

No matter how crazy things get, we always have our kitties to ground us.

It’s really hard to be negative in a cat’s fur.

Sometimes, that’s barely enough, and sometimes it’s all we need.

Hopefully, we have as much kitty as we need for the perils to come.

Keep calm and stay cat??


We’ll be back next week with another Wedding Planning 101 post!

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