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BJ Griffin & The Galaxy Groove | Events

 BJ of BJ Griffin and the Galaxy Groove- a local Virginia Beach band.

BJ of BJ Griffin and the Galaxy Groove- a local Virginia Beach band.

We don’t just do portraits and weddings! Concerts are one of my favorite things to photograph. Energy is high, and any performer worth their salt will have some good crowd interaction moments, which I love catching.


BJ is AMAZING! We’ve known him for a few years, and he’s become a bit of a local celebrity. The group he’s put together, The Galaxy Groove, really rocks the house wherever they go.

Kat actually bought one of BJ’s cellos! It was his first one, I believe. I remember the high emotion when he sold it. It was like parting with an old friend. I can understand that. She’s still learning how to play it. 

Immediately following this show, I drove 10 hours to Newcastle, PA. That was a long day/night.

We had a blast. Enjoy some of the highlight shots!

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