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Personal | An Amazing Story

I had a plan for a different blog today, but this is too amazing of a story not to share.
There’s a lot of stuff to glean from this experience. A lot to realize and be thankful for.

I’ll let you see the video before I analyze it further. This is a reaction video, a father and son who’ve made a partial income with these reaction videos.  I think their input is worthwhile, that’s why I watch them sometimes. Shout out to Buckethead Nation.

Wow. First of all, if you’re like me, and you didn’t have to worry about rampant gun crime and violence, you’re lucky. That’s a privilege, unearned by you, granted by those who came before you striving to make a better life. That’s several lifetimes of thankfulness.

Imagine the type of person you’d be if you had to be skeptical of even your best friends’ intentions: a life of constant distrust as a means of security. We aren’t made to go through this life alone. How hard would it be to HAVE to go alone to avoid the risk of being shot and robbed by your best friend?

Beyond interpersonal relationships, there’s a wonderful insight into the Carl Jung “shadow-self.” This is the part of you that doesn’t want you to succeed the way you know you should. There’s a part of you fighting for you and a part of you fighting against you. The shadow says, “Sleep! Sleep feels good.” You, the true self acting in your own self-interest, shouts, “If you sleep now, YOU WILL DIE! GET UP!”  I have my suspicions about the parallels between the concept of the shadow-self and the concept Flesh vs Spirit.

An amazing growth of love happens when you find the way in your life to align your self-interest with the benefit of others, when you realize that a benefit to you at a massive cost to everyone else is a deficit.  Behavior like that demonstrates your love of self over others. “No greater love is there than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”


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